Skin Diamond is Lesbian Fallen Angel in A Thing of Beauty Part 3


A sequel of steamy fuck fiction of Dana Vespoli, The Thing of Beauty, starring Aiden Starr as a sex temptress and her subject Skin Diamond who has a stylish black beauty of a fallen angel. They engage in lesbian role playing for a display of pure sin. Aiden’s thick ass and big tits plus Skin’s slender body rubbing on each other is one of the best sight you can view here. With Aiden dominating Skin into submission, it’s a good continuation for the past installments. Aiden made sure that Skin is getting what she sacrificed her wings for. Aiden utilizes Skin’s whole body for their own sexual satisfaction. At one point, she even shoves her whole inside Skin’s mouth to properly lubricate it. Aiden now plays with Skin’s ass and pussy. But this is not the main part yet. There are far bigger things to come besides Skin. Aiden toys on Skin. She handled her like a broken car that needs fixing. This is to make sure that she is ready for a huge black dildo she brought for the occasion. This also comes with a strap on. Everything listed here is an accessory for Skin to cum. But Skin is not that selfish of a fallen angel, she brings some stimulation for Aiden. She gives Aiden a good licking and fondled her breast like E-cupped stress ball. But the angel’s generosity can only get her so far. Aiden goes back on roughing up Skin’s pussy. She was relentless on using the huge black toy. While it’s strapped on, she then fucked Skin’s tight ass. To reach the climax, Aiden goes on top and literally sits on Skin’s face. Skin is now drowning in Aiden’s cunt and juices but her face doesn’t resemble any negative feeling about it. This happens while the same toy ravages her pussy. At the end, Skin’s whole body shakes and quivers. She came but never saw it coming herself.




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