Pride Part 4


She kneeled in front of him, eyes full of determination and lust. She’d done it. His dick had satisfied her - but it is still not enough. She needs more. Slowly she drags her palm up across his sculpted body as he smirks down to her, fully believing that he is in charge. She stops when she gets to his throat. She allows herself to caress his face for a while, remembering how his dick made her feel, then she let her fingers closed around his neck, tighter and tighter. He choked but made no move to stop her. She gripped harder, soon his eyes rolled back to his head and he collapsed to the floor. She stared at his motionless body before stepping away and turning her attention to the three masked women in the corner. One by one she removed their masks and clothing, touching them in places that made their whole body shudder. She smiled when their hands automatically went to their cunts and they started rubbing their wet folds. She sat and lewdly spread her leg and furiously rubbed her cunt to catch up with the others. Their moans and whimpers are like music in her head. Pain, pleasure, and shamelessness mixed together and resulted into a cacophony of heavenly sounds that spurned her fingers into action. She realizes that she was moaning loud, and her digits are moist with her own juices. She looks over at the others and noticed that they are too focused on achieving their orgasms to notice anything else. They are all wet, moaning and salivating. They pinched their nipples and kneaded their breast. They all look deliciously debauched and before she knew it, she moved to the one closes to her and encased the other’s nipple with her mouth. The woman on the other end made the same moves and they suckled on fantastic breast and lavished their partner’s mouth with exquisite tongue flicks. Their hands ruthlessly plunder warm holes and took pleasure at the wet sound of flesh slapping against flesh. Thier moans got louder and the whole room smells of sex. She didn’t even know who was between her thighs, lapping gloriously at her clit bringing her closer to the edge at every flick of wet tongue. She doesn’t know whose mouth she’s sucking on nor whose hands were on her breast and whose breasts were in her hands. All she knows is that it felt good. And she came over and over and so did the others. They bent their body at every angle possible, trying to gain more pleasure from their activities. They tasted each other’s cum and kissed each other’s mouth, hungrily. They tended to each other's want and need, a smile graced their lips every time one of them gets an orgasm. Hips bucked and mouths sucked greedily, their minds seeking nothing but pleasure and satisfaction. Eventually, they all tire out and it was all over. Wordlessly, they march out of the room, naked as the day they were born, ignoring the slumped body of the man who started it all.


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