Dana Vespoli’s Lesbian Affair with Presley Hart: She’s Come Undone 3


Dana Vespoli, Presley Hart


The scene starts with Dana Vespoli, a black-haired MILF with a tattoo on her shoulder, relaxing on the sofa with her PJ’s on. Beside her is her clearly bored blonde partner who is just watching TV. It’s a seemingly ordinary day for the couple just laying around. Dana decides to go out to run some errands and maybe search for some kinky fun. The next scene shows a lovely teen named Presley Hart, a brunette who is wearing a white tank top and purple panties on. She has an unexpected guest coming over and it was Dana Vespoli. It is revealed that Dana is having an affair with Presley, a hot lesbian. Dana was all hot and horny as she starts making out with young Presley. Dana then presses up on her from behind, pinning her against the wall. Presley’s panties drop and Dana starts eating her pussy. Presley moans with such pleasure. It all becomes so intense and Dana stops what she's been doing. Presley looks at her as if she is begging for more. So, Dana led her to the staircase to continue the fun. Presley sits down on Dana’s face as she devours her wet pussy. Dana holds Presley’s legs then starts licking and sucking her toes as well. They both go upstairs and continue making out along the corridor. The tension was real for both of them when Presley starts eating Dana’s pussy in return. The next scene shows Presley as she is laying down in the missionary position while Dana is fingering deep in her pussy. To spice it up even more, Dana took out a dildo and started toying Presley with the rubber cock. Presley goes on top of Dana and starts riding the dildo. The next scene shows Presley in doggy style position, as she enjoys Dana playing with the dildo inside of her. The scene ends with both of them happily making out.




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