Kimberly Kane And Dana Vespoli Find A Place To Fuck


Dana Vespoli, Kimberly Kane


Kimberly Kane drives around town with Dana Vespoli and talks all about her dirty public sex history. Kimberly’s pussy gets wetter and wetter as she tells her stories and starts rubbing at her pussy over her panties. Dana notices and wants to get a look and a touch too. Dana pulls Kimberly’s shirt down to reveal her natural perky tits and feels them and squeeze them, Kimberly wants to be touched all over but isn’t sure. Dana shows off her pussy to Kimberly to hint that it's ok. Shortly, Kimberly and Dana start making out. Dana goes down and kisses and sucks on Kimberly’s tits and giving them the attention that they deserve. Kimberly reaches up and spreads Dana’s ass to reveal her pussy and asshole, she begins to flick her tongue on Dana’s asshole, and Dana moans at the wet tongue circling the rim of her asshole. Dana sits up and Kimberly takes off her shirt and kneels on the couch of the car and bends down toward Dana's pussy to lick and suck on her clit, Dana moans as Kimberly flicks her tongue with experience. Dana makes Kimberly turn around and pulls down her panties so that she can get to her ass and eat it up like groceries, Kimberly moans and groans as the ultimate pervert, Dana, goes in on her asshole. They pull over so that they can get better leverage and better angles to full fuck each other. Dana continues to spread Kimberly ass and put her tongue deep in Kimberly’s ass and pussy, as she tongues her asshole, she rubs her clit and Kimberly moans and quivers at Dana’s ability. They get out of the car and Dana spreads her fat ass cheeks, to which Kimberly kneels and shoves her tongue in her ass, Kimberly plays and licks Dana wildly while Dana moans and shrieks at her experienced tongue. They make out and exchange juices before Dana pushes Kimberly against the car and kneels to lick Kimberly’s clit, Kimberly grasps her tits and moans, she grabs Dana’s head and shoves it deeper in her pussy. They kiss and suck on each other’s tits and grab each other’s fat asses. Dana crawls back into the car and Kimberly sucks on her feet before shoving her tongue as far as it could go into Dana’s wet pussy. Dana quivers and moans and Kimberly’s lightning-fast tongue. Dana makes Kimberly get in the car now, shoving her feet deep in her mouth, almost choking on her toes; Dana licks Kimberly’s foot up and down her arches.  Dana places her thumb on Kimberly’s asshole and licks every crevice of her pussy, Kimberly pulls Dana’s head closer into her pussy making her suck and lick her clit. Kimberly moans and quivers and holds her head as Dana makes her cum with ferocity.




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