Karlie Montana and Dana Vespoli's Sensual Lesbian Fuck Fest in Descent Part 3


Dana Vespoli, Karlie Montana


Dana Vespoli plays Dana Christie who drives to the shrink’s office to consult about her dreams that almost speculate all her sexual fantasies. As she arrives, she tells him about sucking someone’s dick on her dreams but ends up with a woman at the end who makes her orgasm, not only in her dreams. She wakes up fucking wet every time she has such dreams. Dana decides to turn that dreamlike fantasy into reality so she went ahead and visit the woman in her dreams, Karlie Montana. She walks inside Karlie’s house and directly heads to the bathroom where Karlie is currently enjoying her peace as she relaxes on the bathtub. The moment Dana walks in, Karlie stands up and welcomes her with a kiss on the lips. The two continue kissing as they both get into the bathtub, still filled with water. Dana, still dressed but already wet, trails kisses from Karlie’s mouth down to her neck until she reaches her boobs. Dana sucks and licks Karlie’s nipples until they are hard as fuck before putting Karlie on all fours with her butt cheeks facing Dana, who went ahead and devour Karlie’s womanhood. Karlie is turned on. Dana puts Karlie on her lap as she trails kisses on her back and at the same time palms and fingers her pussy. Karlie’s pussy is already wet. Karlie and Dana, now both naked, heads out of the bathroom and into the bed. This time around, Karlie takes control and pleases Dana. Karlie does the same as she trails kisses from her mouth down to her neck then her breasts until she reaches her pussy, now soaking wet. Karlie licks and bites her clit before thrusting her warm tongue inside her wet and tight pussy. Dana screams as Karlie inserts two fingers inside her pussy as she sucks her clit. It was Dana’s turn to eat Karlie’s pussy but she can’t get up. So Karlie almost sits down on her face, positioning her pussy just a few inches above Dana’s mouth. Dana eats her pussy until she is wet. Karlie suddenly lies on top of Dana. Karlie kisses Dana’s lips as she stimulates her pussy. Karlie thrusts her fingers in and out of her pussy until Dana cums. Dana Vespoli orgasms. Karlie Montana kisses her on the lips and the neck to finish up their sexy time.




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