Greed Part 4


Alektra who's seemingly worried runs naked to a room. She picks up her clothes from the floor and was about to leave when 4 naked ladies entered. All she could do was scream when they grabbed her and made her lie down on the bed. Janice Griffith and Lyla Storm hold her by the arms while Cameron Canada and Dahlia Sky grab her legs and put them apart. Alektra knows she could do nothing but surrender. Her screams turned to moans when they started caressing her body. With her naked in all her glory, Cameron spits on her pussy before eating it hungrily. She inserts 2 fingers in Alektra's cunt while still licking her. Cameron switches position with Janice who took her turn in eating and finger fucking Alektra's hole while Dahlia's grabbing Alektra by the neck. Janice's mouth leaves Alektra's pussy and let Dahlia have her turn. Alektra's hips sway from the pleasure she's receiving though she's restrained from storming off the bed. Dahlia changes place with Lyla who lifts Alektra's left leg and kisses her foot. She then went down to the very center of Alektra's thighs and gives it a good lick. With 2 fingers in and out of Alektra's core, Lyla is giving her pussy a real good lovin'. Cameron lifts Alektra's right leg leaving her cunt wide open. Lyla, still playing with Alektra's cunt lifts her hand and puts it in her mouth so she can have a taste of her own juice. The girls roll Alektra so she's faced down the bed. Lyla's fingers are inside Alektra's cunt while her mouth and Dahlia's are busy with her ass. Cameron goes back to licking Alektra's pussy while Lyla caresses her thighs before giving her ass a spank. Meanwhile, Dahlia sucks Alektra's breast while Janice touches her head down her neck then her breasts. Lyla and Dahlia takes turns in finger fucking Alektra before turning her around, legs still wide open. Lyla then gets her tongue busy with Alektra's cunt as Dahlia and Janice fondles her breasts. Alektra tries to resist by keeping her legs close but with Cameron and Lyla holding each of her leg, she's powerless. She tries to sit but Janice makes her lie down once more. The 4 sexy lesbians still take turns at giving Alektra the best, quite rough night of life.




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