Envy Part 2


She doesn’t remember how she got here. One moment she was just lounging around in her house and now she’s lying on the floor, her hands tied behind her. She looks around and her eyes widen when she saw her neighbor looking down to her. By the look on her face, she’s planning something nefarious for her. She should be scared, but the thought of her neighbor taking advantage of her helplessness made her wet and aroused as hell. Her neighbor smiled as she fingered her cunt and felt her moist fold contract at her touch. This kidnapping was not to pleasure her of course. It’s for the older woman. She’s going to make her lick her cunt clean. But first, she’s going to make her squirm and mewl at her touch. So she allows herself to go knuckles deep into the young woman’s pussy. It squelched deliciously as her captive gets wetter. She pulled her finger out and gave it a lick. Delicious. She rubs her for a moment before taking off her panties and squatting right in her face. She felt her breath blowing into her cunt. It took a moment, but she finally started licking her. She reach forward and squeezed the breasts of the younger girl. That action elicited a excited moan from her. The younger girl licked the older woman ravenously, although the overwhelming smell of cunt is making her a bit nauseous. The younger one ate the pussy of the older woman for a while, then she was yanked into a sitting position by the hair. The older presented her ass to her and she started to lick dutifully. Her little tongue teased and swiped at her hole. The older woman pushed her back to lying position and once again squatted at her face. She sat and rode her face, almost suffocating her. This goes on for a few glorious moment. The older woman is sure that she came at least twice. She pulled her back to her knees and gave her a kiss. She tasted her own juices on her mouth and she hungrily lapped it up. Smashing their breasts together, feeling her hardened nips on her flesh turned her on more. She should do this more often.


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