Dani Daniels And Dana Vespoli Public Lesbians


Dana Vespoli, Dani Daniels


Two of the hottest chicks hanging out the back of your car can be really a definition of a good time. But you know what’s hotter? Dana Vespoli and Dani Daniels having some spicy fun at the back of your car. As they drive around, they were having some light conversation about whatever. They were quite touchy but its normal until at some point, their hands starts walking around their sexy parts. Starts out with them just hugging when Dani’s hands just walks around Dana’s pussy on top her clothes. This snowballed into some Lesbian action. They start kissing while touching other’s tits. Dana’s gets revealed slowly as Dani takes it off. But eventually, her hands starts to go under Dana’s pants. Dani now made Dana lie on her back as she get busy on her pussy. Dani goes down on Dana so hard that Dana occasionally shakes in excitement. Dana brings back the favor after some time. Dani kind of stands up as Dana takes off her pants. She goes on her back too as Dana starts eating her out. After a while, Dana is now bent over and Dani plays with her holes from behind with kissing in between transitions. The space behind the car is starting to obstruct their lesbian action so they pulled over and opened one door. Dana now sits on the ground as Dani sits on her face. Dani’s nice ass and Dana’s half revealed tits is now revealed to the public. Dani gets off and made Dana stand up. She ate her out for some time as Dana looks around if there are onlookers. Seeing there none, Dani just did her best to give Dana some good licking. They topped this action off by kissing deeply and some hugs. They go back to the car and drives off.


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