Chanel Preston And Dana Vespoli Stretch Each Other's Asses Open


Dana Vespoli adds another page in Dana Vespoli’s Real Sex Diary with Chanel Preston, a beauty with big tits. This particular page revolves around some lesbian action and anal fucking. With two of them being woman, Dana made a way to make it work. Dana and Chanel was just chilling in the living room with some nice outfit that show some good amount of skin. They talked for a while to make each other comfortable. Their conversation has gone around and at some point, they arrived on a conversation that involves them touching each other’s sexuality. Chanel starts showing Dana the way around her cunt. With this flow of conversation, they felt the need to do it completely. Chanel lays flat on the bed and Dana starts playing with Chanel’s fuck holes. At first, Dana was only using her fingers but eventually, she needed to bury her face in it to completely immerse herself on Chanel’s ass. Chanel eventually flip herself over to have Dana have some good view on her licking. After a while, Chanel gives back the favor. She made Dana lie down and starts giving her the same treatment she received earlier but with a twist. This twist involves few tools that goes inside their asses. They went back and forth on pleasuring each other with a combination of tongue, finger and that toy. Seeing how they got dripping wet, this little session of theirs says a lot. At some point, the two even lie down and shows the viewers a side by side comparison of their asses being penetrated by that toy. They went at this system they achieved some kind of satisfaction. Even at the end and all the lust is all gone, they had the sanity and reason to still appreciate how beautiful is each other’s tits and pussy is.




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