Chanel Preston and Dana Vespoli: Hardcore Lesbian Anal Trainer


Dana Vespoli needs to get fit as soon as possible so she gets Chanel Preston to do some hard coaching on her lifestyle and diet. But Dana had a moment of weakness and cheated a little on her diet. Chanel catches her red handed and made her puke all of it. Being a professional trainer, Chanel has some methods to make Dana make up for the thing she had done. She made Dana puke all of the recent things she has eaten by poking her throat using a huge ass dildo to initiate gagging. Dana chokes on it for a while and she gets a little hungry because of all that. She wants to eat something— anything. Chanel has some good diet she recommends. It’s something inside her pants. She made Dana eat her pussy out. From this point, this professional relationship snowballed into something so kinky that you might like it. After Dana ate the hell out of that pussy, Chanel brings back the favor by doing the same thing and doing something extra. Remember that huge fake dick she uses to choke on earlier? She uses that dick to fuck Dana’s ass. Chanel made Dana lubricate the thing using her spit. Dana, now on all fours, gets the whole length of the fake dick into her ass. She starts pumping that ass using that huge ass sex toy. Now, it got to the point that the strict trainer wants it too in her ass. Dana does the same thing to Chanel. These two chicks doing the sexiest routine might help them reach their goal after all. Chanel, being the coach, finishes this act by eating Dana’s holes like there’s no tomorrow. This ends with them discussing while standing there with their torn out spandex showing their bush and cunts.


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