Bree Daniels and Dana Vespoli: Lesbian Anal Sex is Messy!


You know that it’s gonna be good if you see Dana Vespoli’s name on a scene. She’s a pro at this scene and she got Bree Daniels today for some hardcore lesbian anal extravaganza. If that’s nice enough for you, gather around and let me tell you all about it. This starts with Bree and Dana just going at each other’s throat. I guess they were trying to reach each other’s throat using their tongues by the looks of it. It was really deep. While this happened their tits becomes more revealed and just starts licking each other. For the cunt, Bree goes first. She lie down and puts her legs in the air and lets Dana do her thing. Bree bends over. Dana brings out a toy to tease Bree’s ass hole. We’re sorry— we mean toys. Looks like Dana brought the whole goddamn Toy R’ Us. She starts doing some nasty ass fucking using the toys on Bree’s ass hole. Looking at it in the distance, Dana looks like she’s doing her science experiment on Bree. The red head slut machine didn’t show any sign of resistance and only lets out pleasure noises as Dana carries on playing with her butt hole. Dana goes at it for a while and using her toes at some point. Dana was nice enough to lick Bree’s ass hole from time to time In the end, let’s just assume that they got what they wanted. Even if that’s not the case, let’s just be happy for them. They looked like they got a good time. Bree and Dana closes of the act by frenching each other and passing of spit with their mouths. Bree didn’t lose her heart even if her ass hole was somehow abused by inanimate objects. Her beautiful face looks like a combination of pain and mostly pleasure, which is nice.




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