August Ames and Dana Vespoli Fuck in Public


Busty babes August Ames and Dana Vespoli get naughty in the shadows near a construction site. August is wearing a pink spaghetti strap blouse and striped-skirt while Dana is wearing a green blouse and maroon skirt. Dana pulls down August’s blouse to take a peek at her luscious boobs. After fondling with her boobs, Dana gets on her knees and plays with August’s thick butt. Dana lowers August’s panties and fingers her. The girls are getting hornier by the minute. They decided to change their location. They get in the car and drive for a little bit until they come across a public restroom. Dana and August enter the restroom and start kissing passionately. Dana lowers her partner’s blouse then licks her ample bosom. August sits on the toilet and spreads her legs wide. Dana accepts the invitation, kneeling down to eat August’s wet pussy. The girls enjoy teasing each other. August stands then bends down. Her thick ass pops out as she bends her body lower. Dana licks her ass and pussy. Her playful tongue tickles both of her holes intensively. The two babes swap their positions. It is now Dana’s turn to have her pussy eaten. She sits on the toilet while August kneels in front of her. August starts gently then gradually makes her pussy licking action more intense. The sweet moans of both girls fill the tiny room. They don’t care anymore that they are in a public place. All they want to do is please each other as much as they can. August gets on top of Dana as they share a deep passionate kiss. Dana inserts her fingers to August’s wet pussy while suckling on her nipples. They change their positions once again. August stands then spread her legs for Dana. The wet pussy of Augusts excites Dana, who quickly eats her pussy upon sight. After reaching orgasm, Dana and August fix their clothes and return to the car as if nothing happened.




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