Lesbian Orgy Fuck Fest... Before The Other Orgy


It starts with Abella Danger, Alexa Grace, Casey Calvert, Rachel Madori and Trisha Parks showing their packages on the camera. With the right combination of blonde and brunettes, all of them are wearing daring suits that compliment their figure. They enter the house looking smoking hot in their own ways. Upon reaching the couch, the ladies start pulling each other close, kissing and touching each other's sensitive parts. Two on two, the lady without a partner patiently waits for her turn. With their top off, they start going at each other's tits then lower to their ass and pussy. The steaming hot all natural women help one another get rid of their tiny clothing. The sheer number of cunts is really overwhelming. Their actions make them look like a singular being. That’s how busy they look like in action. Their skills get showcased without any dick involved in any way at all. The pussy to tongue to tits ratio is enough. They took turns in feasting at each other. One lady is always on her back being ganged up by other ladies. The ladies had the same energy all throughout. This might be really easy for them since they know too much about their own bodies. But there are times where they group up with their own partners. In group of 2 and 3 where they just do their own pussy eating. They eventually reconcile and do it all over again with different pairs. Maybe the best part for this is when they do the human centipede but it’s actually filled with lust and not really gross like the movie. One thing’s for sure in this though, no tits have been left unfondled and sucked and no pussy has been left unlicked. Everybody gets their own time. Nobody gets left in the corner. This maybe one of the examples where girl power is applied.




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