Kayden Kross

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Kayden Kross is a sexy MILFy babe with big tits and a nice ass with blonde hair; she is an awesome and fun pornstar! Although she does boy/girl work she also does lesbian scenes, and she is quite talented, even eating pussy in the rain. <br/><br/>Kayden is from Sacramento, California and was born on September 15th, 1985. She stands at 5 feet 5 inches, weighs in at roughly 115 pounds, and measures at 32D-22-34. During an interview she gives a little background on where she comes from, “I grew up in the foothills outside of Sacramento. It’s like I imagine Steinbeck country probably is, minus the high incidence of meth use and strange misuse of the word “seen”. I had a horse and a goat. I loved them dearly.” Growing up and into her adolescence, Kayden never imagined that she would join the adult film industry, but now that she is a part of it she loves it very much and has enjoyed her time in it, having a lot of fun. <br/><br/>In her personal time, Kayden states that she really enjoys writing, she says, “writing is absolutely it. That started for me around age twelve, I think. I’d like to think my end goal is to eventually spend all of my time pursuing writing but I always manage to take on more distractions rather than fewer.” Writing comes with reading and she loves to read, and movies or television not so much, she says, “I read constantly. I love Steinbeck and most of the great American novels. I love Cormac McCarthy. David Foster Wallace is on the level of some sort of deity for me at this point. Zombie movies no. Manuel watches Walking Dead and I sort of cover my eyes and skitter past when it’s on. I can’t handle things jumping out.”<br/><br/>Make sure to check out Kayden Kross’s scenes at TwistedVisual.com!<br/>

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Kayden Kross

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Models: Dana Vespoli, Kayden Kross
32 minutes